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What is a dorset celebrant led wedding?

When it comes to planning a wedding, every detail matters. From choosing the perfect venue to curating a guest list that reflects your closest relationships, each decision contributes to creating a memorable day that resonates with your unique love story. Amidst all these choices, the role of a wedding celebrant stands out as the heart and soul of your ceremony. Based in Dorset, I can help you craft a meaningful and personalised wedding experience. I work throughout Dorset and the surrounding counties.

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Do I need a celebrant for my wedding?

This is the question I am most asked as a Wedding Celebrant. Traditionally and historically if you were getting married in the UK, you had your ceremony in a place of worship or at the registrar’s office, which was, and still is, a council owned building, and then the newlyweds and all the guests went onto your reception. There would be now ceremony at the reception, and the newlyweds would enter as “Mr and Mrs x” to rapturous applause, after which the festivities would begin.

Change started to happen towards the end of the twentieth century as hotels and larger country house venues sought to offer more choice to couples wishing to get married. They purchased wedding licences at a cost, from their local government authority, enabling the local registrar to come to them, rather than the couples go to the local council office.

The registrars also benefited as they could then, and still do, charge a much higher fee to come out to the venue on the day. The fee for their services, which is at the higher end of the scale, plus a ‘call out fee’. Double money for a standard service with somebody you will never have met before and who could be rushing onto the next wedding venue.

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The question to consider is this:  is a Registrar going to ensure that you have your wedding YOUR WAY? Do you want to be limited to having the ceremony at only licensed venues? Is a Registrar going to marry you in a place of significance to you, or where you want to celebrate (such as one of the many beauty spots in Dorset, on the beach or your favourite restaurant or club)?

Of course, the answer to all these questions is NO!  That is why you need a celebrant to officiate your wedding celebration to ensure it is where you want and done your way.

It’s your day – have your celebration where you want it and how you want it. Let your guests be privy to your unique love story and to learn a little bit more about you both. How did you meet? Where was your first date? What attracted you to each other? What do you love about each other? What drives you mad!? How have you grown together? Who proposed, where, how? What obstacles have you overcome in your relationship? Who is the driving force?

You have a whole history together that the majority of your guests may be oblivious to – so let them know!

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What Does a Wedding Celebrant Do?

As a Dorset celebrant I am a trained professional who conducts wedding ceremonies and serves as the officiant. Unlike traditional clergy members, a celebrant can offer a more flexible and personalised approach to crafting and officiating wedding ceremonies. As your celebrant my primary focus will be on creating a ceremony that authentically reflects both your  personalities, values, and beliefs and to take all this stress away from you.  After all, it’s YOUR day and my focus is: YOUR WEDDING YOUR WAY!

Here’s an overview of what I will do as your wedding celebrant:

1. Personalisation: I will take the time to get to know you both on a personal level. We will have an initial meeting to allow me to gather insights into your journey as a couple, your interests, and your unique bond. You have a whole history from when you first met that I would love to hear! This will then enable me to create a ceremony script that is tailored to the YOUR story.

2. Ceremony Design: I will work closely with you to design a ceremony that incorporates meaningful rituals, readings, and vows and to ensure you can involve family and friends if you wish to do so. You may not know exactly what you want, or have any idea of what you want to include – which is where I can help by explain the different rituals you may want to include (such as handfasting, unity candles, unity wine). I can also give suggestions on how you can include other members of your family in the ceremony if you wish.

3. Script Writing: I will write a well-articulated and heartfelt ceremony script. This script serves as the foundation for the entire ceremony and will be customised to include personal anecdotes, love stories, humour, and in one of my weddings, even quotes from Star Wars! If you want poems or readings, I can give you suggestions. If you don’t know what music you want – I can make suggestions.

4. Officiating: On your big day, I will officiate the ceremony. My role goes beyond just reciting words – I will infuse each moment with emotion and authenticity, ensuring that the ceremony feels genuine and intimate.

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Why You Need a Wedding Celebrant?

1. Personalised Experience:  Your love story is one-of-a-kind, and your wedding ceremony should reflect that. I will work closely with you to create a ceremony that captures your essence, making the experience truly personal and memorable.

2. Flexibility and Inclusivity:  Within your ceremony we can blend various elements – be it cultural, spiritual, or secular.  This ensure that your ceremony resonates with both you and your guests. This inclusivity ensures that everyone feels connected to the moment.

3. Creative Freedom:  Unlike rigid traditional ceremonies, a wedding officiated by a celebrant allows for creative freedom.  It’s you day, let your imagination go wild!! You can incorporate unique rituals, readings, and personalised vows that hold deep meaning for you and your partner. Have your ceremony where you want it.

4. Stress Relief: With me as your celebrant by your side, you can entrust the scripting and officiating to a professional. This alleviates stress and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the emotional aspects of the day.

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Legal bits

As a celebrant I will create and officiate your wedding at the venue of your choice. However, you will need to complete the legal formalities separately, often at a registry office. Couples usually do this prior to their celebrant lead wedding celebration. More advice on the legal side of your wedding can be found here Getting married – Citizens Advice

final thoughts

In the grand tapestry of wedding planning, my role as your Dorset celebrant shines as a thread that weaves together all the elements of your special day. From the heartfelt words I will speak to the thoughtful rituals incorporated into your ceremony, we will craft an unforgettable ceremony that mirrors your unique love story. With my help you can rest assured that your wedding ceremony will be a genuine and cherished moment, setting the tone for your journey as a married couple.

And of course, it will be memorable – it’s your wedding, lets celebrate your way! I would love to help you Celebrant in Weymouth – Anna Bowen Celebrant

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