Naming Ceremonies

Naming days and Welcome Ceremonies are joyous occasions to celebrate the birth or adoption of a new family member with family and friends. 

This is a non-religious alternative to a Christening which gives parents the chance to introduce your new family member to.

A name means EVERYTHING, so why not celebrate it!

Naming Ceremony

Naming ceremonies create a relaxed occasion in the venue of your choice with family and friends.  I will work with you to create a unique occasion to welcome your child into this world, the adoption of a child.

Your ceremony can involve important people such as God parents/future guardians/guide parents who will remain and integral part of your child’s life.

Include music, readings and symbolic rituals

The joyous ceremony and can include music, readings and symbolic rituals such as tree planting of unity candles and enables you to celebrate who they are; what their personalities already say about them and all the hopes and dreams you have for them as they journey through life.

“Include music, readings and symbolic rituals”.

Ceremonies start from £550 and include travel costs within 20 miles of DT3. 

Travel over 20 miles costs £0.50 per mile.